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Scx 88750 - Analogue Pit Box Fuel System

Scx 88750 - Analogue Pit Box Fuel System
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SCX Analogue Pit Box Fuel System. Multi functions include Fuel Tank Size, Choose different sizes of fuel tanks and quantity of fuel when starting the race. Fuel Consumption, Burning fuel depends on car velocity, less fuel faster ! car, LED indicators show fuel remaining in tank, Out of race if fuel tank becomes empty, refuel or your stopped. Refuelling Tank, Stop in the Pit Lane Zone to refuel car, once car is motionless in the pit zone pull controller trigger to refuel car. To return to race, press the button and your car is back in competition. Interface available to connect the Race Manager Lap counter and Stop Light, Cars not Included. SCX track and accessories can be used with obviously SCX but also Scalextric Classic track ! and with the aid of Scalextric C8222 track converters, can be used with Scalextric sport and Scalextric Sport Digital track. SCX specialise in track accessories to bring us all realism to our circuits and bring them to the maximum enjoyment levels like no other. Simple plug / click and play products which maximize enjoyment, originality and compatibility, enabling you to create virtually any size and shape of Rally track, Formula 1, Le Mans track etc to enjoy all your favourite slot cars from SCX, along with other manufacturers cars which are also compatible with the SCX track system such as Ninco, Scalextric, Carrera, Slot.It, Cartrix, Avant Slot, NSR, SRC, Slotwings, Policar, Racer, Revell and FlySlot slot cars. Please don't forget the kids might want a go !!! ;-}}. SCX 88750 Analogue Pit Box Fuel System.

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