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Scx 50650 - Pro Motor Rx-4H 25K

Scx 50650 - Pro Motor Rx-4H 25K
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SCX Pro Motor RX-4H 25k ! RPM, for High acceleration, higher top speed and better cornering. SCX have introduced their Pro range of upgrades for you to get the best from your slot cars and smash those lap times as well as your opponent. You can change gear ratios, add a faster motors, change tyres etc, all will help you win ! Service Items and consumables can also be used on other slot cars such as Scalextric, Fly, Ninco, Slot.It, Cartrix, NSR, Avant Slot, Revell, Spirit Mini Model slot cars and Carrera. Superbly presented and packaged as is the whole SCX range. SCX Pro Motor RX-4H 50650.

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