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Scalextric C8412 - Wheel Hubs + Tyres Rally

Scalextric C8412 - Wheel Hubs + Tyres Rally
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Scalextric Rally Wheels. Wheel Hubs & Silicon Tyres for Rally Slot Cars. 1/32 Scale Scalextric Sport Spares & Tuning Parts for Scalextric Slot Car Upgrade & Restoration. Scalextric C8412 Rally car wheel pack contains: 2 X Silicon Tires, Wheel Hubs, 4 grub screws & an Allen Key. The Scalextric C8412 wheels are for rally Slot cars such as the Scalextric Ford Focus, Peugeot 307, Subaru or Scratch Build. The turned Aluminum hubs are hard wearing, ultra-light & perfectly round. The hubs can be located on to the axle with precision to ensure true running. The benefits should be smooth running resulting in better laps times and top speed. These Scalextric C8412 hubs are designed for the 3mm Scalextric Sport+ axles and therefore are not suitable to fit on standard Scalextric axles. Note that a 3mm axle & bearings are required. High grip silicon rubber compound tires are used to improve lap times by reducing wheel spin & improving cornering speeds enabling faster exits from corners which will allow you top reach top speed faster. Ensure your track is clean !! Scalextric have introduced affordable tuning spares, parts and upgrades for slot cars which can be used not only in conjunction with Scalextric, Scalextric Start & Super-Slot slot cars as Scalextric is branded in Spain but with most other Manufacturers slot cars such as Ninco, SCX, Carrera, Slot.It, Cartrix, Avant Slot, NSR, SRC, Slotwings, Policar, FlySlot, Racer and Revell slot cars. The Scalextric Sport range of spares provides everything you need to fine tune a Scalextric car to get the maximum performance from it on the track. Most of our descriptions will give you an idea of applications but not limited to those mentioned and most of all with a little modelling work you can bring your old cars back to life and make them look superb. With out the need to scratch around and search endlessly for the correct obsolete part. Scalextric tuning spares, Scalextric parts and Scalextric sport upgrades for slot cars. Wheel Hubs & Silicon Tires. Rally Car Silicon Tyres & Wheels Hubs. Scalextric C8412.

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