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Pola 330935 - Old Water Mill With Motor

Pola 330935 - Old Water Mill With Motor
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Pola G Scale Building Old Water Mill with Motor. Operational model. Mill with numerous details: The sluice gate can be elevated via hand wheel, two cog wheels and toothed racks. A turntable water wheel is driven by a heavy-duty special motor (16 VAC). Open water conduit in channel. Accessories: Mill stones, flour sacks, wooden bench and birds house. Building kit has Movable doors and window shutters. Pola G scale 1:22.5 buildings and accessories, a Brand of Faller GmbH, are made from high quality durable materials ensuring realistic, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all long durability. This G Scale is for Outdoor or Indoor use and compatible with all garden scale model railways such as Piko, LGB, Brawa, Bachmann and Preiser G scale Figures. Primarily aimed at the model railway enthusiast, however due to the intricate detail and high decoration would make a fine addition to any garden feature with or without a G scale model railway ! Dimensions 420 x 400 x 380 mm, Building comes in Kit form. Pola Buildings Old Water Mill with Motor Pola G Scale 330935.

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