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Piko 62061 - Edeka Store - The Village Shop

Piko 62061 - Edeka Store - The Village Shop
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Edeka Store The Village Shop. Piko G Scale Garden Railway Building Models. This typical small town building houses Village Shop Edeka store in which people living in the nearby houses can buy all their daily needs. Since the owner of the Edeka store also lives in the house the building is a bit taller. The ornamentation round the movable door and the windows is particularly attractive. The Piko 62061 house can be set up on its own or it can be joined to another in a garden town series. Piko G scales unique track geometry makes even complex garden railway track plans simple to build with only a few types of track sections and with the rails made from pure virgin solid brass will ensure decades of use. Piko G scale 1:22.5 Trains, rolling stock, track system, buildings and accessories are made from high quality durable materials ensuring realistic, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all long durability. The G Scale track is for Outdoor or Indoor use and compatible with all garden scale model railways such as LGB, Bachmann, Pola Buildings and Preiser G scale Figures. The Garden Railway Buildings are Primarily aimed at the model railway enthusiast, however due to the intricate detail and high decoration would make a fine addition to any garden feature with or without a G scale model railway ! Garden model railways by Piko Spielwaren GmbH, Sonneberg. G Scale Models, Dimensions 160 x 210 x 320mm. Building comes in Kit form. Piko G Scale Model Railway Town Country & Village Buildings. Edeka Store The Village Shop. Piko 62061.

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