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Piko 37540 - HSB BR199 Diesel Locomotive Harzkamel V

Piko 37540 - HSB BR199 Diesel Locomotive Harzkamel V
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HSB BR199 Diesel Locomotive Harzkamel V, G Scale train by Piko Garden Railways. The Piko G 37540 HSB BR199 Diesel Harzkamel Locomotive is 543mm in length & has a minimum recommended radius of 600mm & directional lighting. The Harz Narrow Gauge Railways or HSB is a network of 1000 mm (3 ft 3 3/8 in) gauge railways in the Harz mountains, in central Germany. It connects the principal cities of Wernigerode, Nordhausen and Quedlinburg & several smaller towns in the area with about 140 kilometers of track, much of which is steeply graded and picturesque. The most popular destination on the network is the Brocken, an old Soviet listening post on top of the tallest peak in the Harz mountains, accessed by a spiral railway line, the Brocken Railway. The railway is notable for running a significant number of its trains with steam haulage, mostly employing 1950's vintage 2-10-2 tank locomotives, hauling traditional open-platform bogie carriages. Locomotives in the Piko G Scale range have a high level of detail and modern technology and are ready for the digital and audio upgrades. Piko Garden Railway trains feature; Powerful 5- pole motor, High tension, Power purchase from the wheels via locomotive wheels, Spring-loaded rail sliding contacts, Black nickel-plated zinc die-cast wheel disks, Separate attached buffer beams with bow clutch, exchangeable for central buffer coupling, Separately applied hand rails , windscreen , roof lines and fan, Driving device with drivers, Authentic colouring & detailed captions. Piko's unique track geometry makes even complex track plans simple to build with only a few types of track sections and with the rails made from pure virgin solid brass will ensure decades of use. Piko G scale 1:22.5 Trains, rolling stock, track system, buildings and accessories are made from high quality durable materials ensuring realistic, aesthetically pleasing and most important of all long durability. For Outdoor or Indoor use and compatible with all G scale model railways such as LGB, Bachmann, Pola Buildings and Preiser G scale Figures. The Buildings are Primarily aimed at the model railway enthusiast, however due to the intricate detail and high decoration would make a fine addition to any garden feature with or without a G scale model railway ! Garden model railways by Piko Spielwaren GmbH, Sonneberg. Piko G Scale Locomotives, Harz Narrow Gauge Railways HSB BR199 Diesel Locomotive Harzkamel V. Piko G 37540. Mail Order Only ! at the Cheapest & Best Price Offer to Online Customers Only.

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