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Gaugemaster DCC04 Digital Controls - Prodigy Advance-2 Wireless Starter Package V2

Gaugemaster DCC04 Digital Controls - Prodigy Advance-2 Wireless Starter Package V2
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Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance-2 DCC Wireless Starter Package DCC04 Updated Version 2. Digital Control Systems for N HO & OO Scale Model Railways buy Gaugemaster Controls. This DCC04 Prodigy Advance-2 Wireless digital control system is one of the easiest to use wireless model railway digital packages available, with a Wireless Base Unit, Wireless Walkaround Controller, Walkaround Cable, rechargeable batteries, Power Supply & UK Cord set. the Prodigy Advance-2 package will allow you to wirelessly control your chipped locos within minutes. Conforming with NMRA standards Prodigy Advance-2 Wireless is compatible with all other leading DCC Accessories. Specs & Features: Input = 15-16 volts DC, 3.5 Amps. It comes with a universal switching power supply which is good for USA & Europe. Output = DCC signal with 14.5 V amplitude for OO/HO & N scales. Maximum Current = 3.5 Amps, although you can draw more than 3.5 amps for short periods of time, it is not recommended. Maximum number of cabs = up to 32. Speed Steps = 14/28/128. Address Capability: 2- digit = 1-127 or 4 digit = 1-9,999. Amongst other features. The Wireless Prodigy Advance-2 contains all the technology you require to send DCC commands wirelessly to your trains & accessories. You'll find your closest companion is the wireless Walkaround controller. The wireless Walkaround is a hand-held controller that you use to send your commands to the Base Unit, that then sends them on to the relevant decoder on your layout. You control the speed & direction of your trains from here. One of the key features of DCC operation is that each of your locomotives has a numeric address which you select as & when you want to run that locomotive. DCC allows you to run it anywhere on your railway at the same time as other trains that are moving too. You can also operate points (individually or route set) & signals from the Walkaround, use it to programme your decoders to replicate the running characteristics of your locomotives, or even introduce a speed clock that allows you to run a 24 hour timetable within one operating session. Gaugemaster UK are renowned worldwide, for the manufacturing of quality professional model railway products, they have been producing railway controllers since 1977 & understand the requirements of discerning modelers. The Gaugemaster brand is a very popular range giving the best quality of model railway accessories at great value prices & is constantly growing to developing with the modelers needs. Digital Control Systems for Model Railways by Gaugemaster. DCC Controller Starter Package Wireless Prodigy Advance-2. Gaugemaster DCC04.

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