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Airfix A50156A 1/72 Scale Model Kit - WW2 D-DAY SEA ASSAULT DIORAMA SET

Airfix A50156A 1/72 Scale Model Kit - WW2 D-DAY SEA ASSAULT  DIORAMA SET
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Airfix D-Day Sea Assault A50156A Sets buy Airfix are 1/72 Scale Military Diorama Plastic Model Kits. This Airfix A50156A WW2 D-Day Sea Assault Set kit with combined pieces of 210 Includes 45 x US Infantry Figures, Willys MB Jeep 4x4, 1/4 Ton Trailer, 75 mm Airborne Pack Howitzer along with 2 x LCVP Higgins Boats. Suitable/recommended for Skill level 2. Paints Glue & Brushes are included with this 1/72 scale D-Day Sea Assault Set Airfix model kit. Whilst the first Allied soldiers landed in Normandy via parachute during the night of the 5th and 6th of June 1944, the vast majority of the liberating Allied troops would have to come via the sea, landing on Normandy's beaches under heavy fire and fighting their way inland. The Allies had various different types of landing craft for getting men ashore. Some were very large like the Landing Ship Tank (LST), some much smaller like the small amphibious DUKW but it was the Higgins LCVP (Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) which proved to be one of the most important types used. Em ployed to transport the majority of US Personnel, as well as many British troops when they were used by the Royal Navy, they were vital because they could very quickly offload men and small vehicles, such as Jeeps, while under fire. Jeeps were vital because they offered the Allies mobility in the earliest hours of the campaign. The LCVPs were also able to return fire with their compliment of two .30 inch machine guns, helping to protect the troops that they were disembarking. Overall D-day was a success, thanks in no small part to the work of boats like these and their crews. Airfix 1/72 Scale Military Diorama Models are Collectable & fun to build, plastic kit building makes a fantastic hobby for kids & adults and are also available in a range of scales & subjects to suit many skill levels from age 8 and above. Skill level 1 is ideal if you are new to plastic kit modelling & Level 4 if you are a more experienced kit modeller. Airfix was first founded by Nicholas Kove, a Hungarian businessman in 1939 and is now the UK's oldest brand of scale model plastic kits & have been producing quality plastic kits on a large scale for modelers since 1952. Over the years the Airfix brand passed through many companies, until Hornby took ownership in November 2006. Airfix Plastic Model Kits offer great benefits to children, they learn to follow instructions, learn patience, educational & enjoyable great for hand to eye coordination & practical construction skills, Airfix Kits also give children the opportunity to be creative. Children will be proud of their finished model which can be displayed or played with. Skill Level 2, Unpainted Airfix Military Diorama Vehicles Model Kits. 1/72 Scale WW2 D-Day Sea Assault Set. Airfix A50156A.

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