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Airfix A19002 1/24 Scale Model Kit - D-DAY HAWKER TYPHOON Mk-IB

Airfix A19002 1/24 Scale Model Kit - D-DAY HAWKER TYPHOON Mk-IB
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Airfix D-Day Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Fighter Bomber Plane Kit buy Airfix are 1/24 Scale Military Aircraft Plastic Model Kits. This Airfix A19002 D-Day Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Bomber Plane kit contains 509 Pieces, requires painting & is suitable/recommended for Skill level 4. This 1/24 scale D-Day Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Airfix model also has a finished length of 404mm & a width of 528mm. Paints Glues & Brushes not included with this kit. It is possible for Airfix 1/24 scale aircraft kit models to have spinning propellers with the addition of an available motor. Airfix 1/24 Scale Military Aircraft Plane Models are also Collectable & fun to build, plastic kit building makes a fantastic hobby for kids & adults and are also available in a range of scales & subjects to suit many skill levels from age 8 and above. Skill level 1 is ideal if you are new to plastic kit modelling & Level 4 if you are a more experienced kit modeller. Airfix was first founded by Nicholas Kove, a Hungarian businessman in 1939 and is now the UK's oldest brand of scale model plastic kits & have been producing quality plastic kits on a large scale for modelers since 1952. Over the years the Airfix brand passed through many companies, until Hornby took ownership in November 2006. Airfix Plastic Model Kits offer great benefits to children, they learn to follow instructions, learn patience, educational & enjoyable great for hand to eye coordination & practical construction skills, Airfix Kits also give children the opportunity to be creative. Children will be proud of their finished model which can be displayed or played with. Skill Level 4, Unpainted Airfix Military Aircraft Model Kits. 1/24 Scale Fighter Bomber Plane D-Day Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB. Airfix A19002. UK post only is oversized.

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